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PADI 5 Star IDC Center

Blue Magic Scuba is a PADI 5 Star IDC Center, one of the very few so honored on the island. But we are so much more than just a dive shop. Yes, we take divers out every day on our three fast boats with the best local divemasters, and yes they all have a great time, but we also teach. In fact we teach more people to dive than almost all the other dive shops on the island combined!

All of us are professionally trained PADI DiveMasters and Instructors. Together, our team has (without exaggeration)  tens of  thousands of dives in the Caribbean’s Blue Magic Waters. Our experience, knowledge and skills allows you to enjoy world class training with some of the world’s best instructors, including our resident Course Director Jim Hutchinson.

Our shop is located in the heart of downtown Cozumel, a short 3-to-5 minute walk from the ferry dock and a 15 minute walk from our Divemaster Interns house. Our 3 custom-designed and built boats are fast, clean and comfortable; they are docked in Cozumel’s main marina, Caleta, where most of our Cozumel Scuba Dive outings begin. All our boats are fully licensed, registered and carry the necessary local permits and safety/navigation equipment to ensure you have a great hassle-free dive experience.

Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Divemaster training is what we do best. Join us and join the tribe!!! Start your dive adventure now with Jim and the rest of our great team!!

Yuval Tamari

 PADI MSDT 240996
Base Leader

After leaving his birthplace, the Holy City of Jerusalem, “UV” made his way to Southern California where he spent 25 years living the ho-hum, humdrum life of a successful International Marketing Executive in the field of Specialty Silicon Micro-electronics. While snorkeling during a family vacation in the Central American nation of Belize, Yuval found himself playing with the bubbles from the divers 60 feet below him.

They seemed to be having a great time swimming with the fish, instead of above them like he was. Immediately upon returning home, UV enrolled in a PADI OPEN WATER Course, and became a certified diver. Never a fan of cold, especially the cold Southern California Pacific, Yuval went on a short break to dive in the warm, crystal clear, Blue Magic Waters of the Caribbean Sea that surround that lush, tropical Paradise that is Cozumel. Upon his return to California (and to the horror of his wife, his employer, his friends and most other sane people) Yuval quit his high-paying, executive position and went diving. He hasn’t stopped since.

Yuval traveled the Caribbean, eventually reaching the Bay Islands of Honduras where he underwent extensive training and became certified as a PADI Open Water Instructor. A short time later “UV” reached the professional level of PADI MSDT. Yuval continued to travel and dive around the world and eventually returned to one of his favorite dive locations: Cozumel. UV invites you to come diving with him and his team for an unforgettable underwater adventure! Rumors that Yuval’s grandfather imported and refined an old European brewing method to Japan (what has since become known in Japan and the rest of the world as “the Tamari method” of soy sauce fermentation) persist, although concrete evidence to that effect has remained classified and has not yet been made public. The Japanese government continues the mystery by insisting on a “no comment” policy.

Javi Agudo


Javi is from Barcelona. In 2008, after 16 years working as a software engineer he decided to change his life and started a year long trip along Latin America. But his plans got ruined when he arrived to Utila (Honduras) and take his first breath underwater. He decided that diving would be his passion and profession. He became a dive instructor and has been working on the dive industry till today as a PADI Master Instructor.

He has been working in Honduras, Mexico, Thailand, Egypt and Spain. After so many years traveling around he decided to settle in Cozumel and work with Blue Magic Scuba as director of professional training, with the responsibility of direct and conduct all the professional training activities and with the goal of establishing one of the greatest PADI 5 Star IDC centers in the Caribbean and in the world.

After 7 years training divemasters and instructors in so different environments his way of teaching is way wider than the particular place where he is conducting the courses in. He always provide to his students with a view of being a dive professional in a whole, with the appropriate tools to be a successful divemaster or instructor anywhere in the world.

His priority is to train safe and high quality professionals with the focus in the quality of the education. Everybody has different learning speeds and different strong and weak points. Javi understand what student needs and focus on working in those areas with them, adapting the training to every particular case.

His interests are not limited to teach dive professionals, he enjoys teaching all kind of courses, from the entry levels to the most sophisticated specialties. Reading, live music a good conversation with his friends are other of his interests.



Mònica is from Barcelona. In 2008, after 12 years working as a software engineer and digital designer she decided to change her life and started a long trip along Latin America. But her plans got ruined when she arrived to Utila (Honduras) and took her first breath underwater.

Yes, I know this start is suspiciously similar to Javi's profile. Javi is Mònica's husband and his journey is very similar. There are differences, though. She is an EFR instructor trainer, a full cave diver in addition to PADI Master Instructor.

She has been managing dive centers and live aboard in Mexico, Egypt and Spain so she provides her business expertise to our professional training activities. That educational angle expands our scope beyond PADI limits. It does not cover just the diving aspect, it is designed to make our students understand the industry as a whole.

Safety, quality, environment and ethics are Mònica's main values and her teaching is always impregnated of them. She does not want her students to be only great diving professional, she wants to educate them in the respect for the environment, the local communities and the self integrity.

Mònica always works to involve the local community, as well as her students, in the care for the environment, joining and promoting efforts to create the awareness we need to take proper care of our planet.

She enjoys teaching any diving course, always inventing new and imaginative approaches to make them more interesting and effective. Other than diving, movies, live music, smiling and laughing are her favorite hobbies.


Our Boats

Blue Magic Scuba owns and operates three fast boats:

Each of our boats are fast, comfortable “Diver’s Boats” designed and built specifically to get you to the reefs fast and in “Personal Valet Diving” comfort. With their large four-stroke outboard motors, being first on the reef is not unusual! All our boats are licensed, insured and inspected.  All our boats carry Marine Radios for safety, canopies for shade and comfort, a first aid kit, O2 kit, clean dry towels, a cooler for our fresh fruit and bottled water, snacks, and a camera fresh-water rinse tank. In addition, all are filled with an extra dose of FUN!!!

Cozumel boat scuba diving

The Enigma:

Is a 27 foot “Lancha” and Blue Magic Scuba’s flagship. Licensed to carry ten passengers plus crew, we usually never place more than 8 divers on her, allowing for lots of extra room and comfort. When we have a group of 8 or 10 divers that want to dive together, there is still enough room on The Enigma to not have that crowded “cattle cart” feeling. The Enigma boasts a new 225HP four-stroke Yamaha that is in tip-top shape.

It’s no mystery why everybody loves our Enigma!!

scuba diving cozumel

The AK:

Another 27 foot lancha our AK is also licensed to carry 10 passengers plus two crew; she too usually goes out with no more than six to eight eager divers, and we never load her with more than 8 passengers! AK has a large, new four-stroke 200HP Yamaha behind her that gets you to the reef fast and in style!!


Find out why our "AK" is much more than "OK"

scuba diving boat cozumel

The Atila II:

Attila the Hun was a conqueror; our Attila II conquers the waves and the crowds as we begin our dive.

The “baby” of our family. Atila II, unlike her namesake is a very friendly boat. She is designed and licensed for eight, but we NEVER go out with more than six, and usually just four. When we really want to speed, Atila II's 250HP 4-stroker gets us there fast! Punta Sur is a short hop, not a 2 hour trip!!! She is fully equipped with all the necessities for safety and comfort.


Remember!! Blue Magic Scuba owns and operates three fast boats: NO OTHER INTERNSHIP Program here on the island has even ONE!!!

Our Shop (Brick and Mortar)

Our dive shop is located right in the heart of Central Downtown Cozumel. On 4th Avenue, just half a block from the Caribbean Sea, a short three to four minute walk from the Ferry Dock. Click here for map.

Our shop invites to you kick back and relax. Our sofas, tables and chairs let you chat with new friends and compare dives in a friendly atmosphere. Books, magazines, games and Wi-Fi are all available to our guests at no extra charge.

We inspect, rinse hang and prepare your gear for next day’s diving. (Just another one of our many small “extras” that are part of our “Personal Valet Diving “ experience , like the dry towels, fresh fruit, snacks and bottled water that we provide).

Our dive shop is located right in the heart of Central Downtown Cozumel 
We have anything you might need available for rent 

Here we keep our dive gear. We have available for rent anything you might need. From individual items like a BCD or wetsuit to a complete set of gear: Regulators, BCDs, exposure protection, Dive Computers mask and fins. We can provide a modern digital camera with housing for those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

After the dive all our gear - as well as yours as well, is rinsed and inspected to prepare for the next day’s dives. Not only do we rinse the gear, we also provide a refreshing shower for you to rinse off after your dives; Sorry, we can’t help you with that, that is one thing you’ll need to do yourself!!!

Our modern classroom has all you need to allow you to successfully complete you course. Whether you are just starting out with our Open Water Course, or already an experienced diver preparing to join the ranks of a professional Dive Master, our clean, comfortable classroom has everything you need and provides you with a quiet place to learn what you will practice in the water.

Our small backyard patio is a great place for (soon to be) world famous BBQs. From simple afternoon burgers and dogs, or for when that special occasion calls for a whole roast!!!

 Our modern classroom has all you need
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