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Reef Diving
  1. Beautifully clear water: Diving in the waters around Cozumel is a dream come true. You’ll literally be able to see why Cozumel is called the best diving in the Caribbean.
  2. The Mesoamerican Reef: The second largest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Reef offers tons of places to explore.
  3. Diverse wildlife: Whether you’re looking for whale sharks, parrot fish, giant lobsters, or even green iguanas, you’ll fall in love with the animals you’ll encounter.
  4. Variety of dives: Cozumel offers great opportunities for shore diving, boat diving, and wall diving.
  5. Amazing beaches: Cozumel’s shoreline offers both popular and secluded beaches for when you want to hang out or relax.
  6. Culture and history: There’s a long history of Mayan culture and Spanish colonization on Cozumel.
  7. Experienced dive instructors: Whether you’re a novice or a potential dive instructor yourself, you can find the training you need with a Blue Magic Cozumel Divemaster Internship.