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Now that you’re here, what to do???

Sure, there’s the diving, and the diving and of course, the more diving, but what else??

You’ve checked out the cantinas, sampled the local cervezas, now its time to check out the other side of the island: what we locals call the Wild Side. What’s there?? Actually, not a lot, except for some of the finest secluded beaches that stretch out for miles and miles. Its a great place to spend a late afternoon, or enjoy picnic lunch.


Oh, and of course there are a couple, maybe three nice beach bars:

Rastas: If you love to listen to Bob Marley while eating ceviche and sipping on an ice cold beer, this is definitely the place for you! The fish tacos are also delicious. It is the last beach club going south on the other side of the island. You'll have to turn off the main road so make sure to look for it. The hammocks offer the ideal amount of shade and sun for your lounging pleasure. It is a great way to chat with friends, have your drink and just get lazy!

There is a natural "blow-hole” that is fascinating to watch when the surf is up. It is like watching a whale spout water out every 10 seconds. Cozumel and mother nature never blended so well together!


Coconuts: sits high on Cozumel's only cliff. It is on the windward side of the island that the locals call the "other side" or the “wild side”, and the view is spectacular. Jimmy Buffett tunes play in the background here, while lively crowds down cervezas. The scene is more peaceful if you choose a palapa-shaded table on the rocks overlooking the water. The owners are very eco-conscious and have kept all the swaying palms in place. Enjoy great rum punch and a live band everyday from 2pm-3pm.


Don’t forget, Isla Cozumel (island of the swallows in the local Mayan language) has a long and rich history. The Maya archeological site of San Gervasio has an unusually long history, beginning sometime around 100 BC and continuing as late as the 16th century it was still a functioning religious site at the time the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century. In the heart of the island, in a lush jungle populated with brilliantly colored iguanas and lush flowers and foliage, one can see why no one ever wanted to abandon this beautiful place.

San Gervasio was a site dedicated to the Mayan goddess Ixchel ("She of the Rainbows") deity of midwifery, fertility, medicine and weaving. Many women from the mainland Mayan settlements made the pilgrimage here to Ixchel´s shrine at some point in their lifetime.  A graceful arch protects an altar on a sacbe (ancient road) leading into the ceremonial center. Many statues to Ixchel were found here - and are still being discovered at the 40+ temples on the island.


Blue Magic Scuba hosts lots of fun events, outings, dinners or BBQ’s here in our backyard.


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