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Students testimonials

Joe Lodge


I did my PADI IDC with Jim Hutchinson in 2010. I have worked in a quite a few dive shops over the last few years and have seen great and terrible Course Directors, and I am proud to say that Jim is one of the great one's. Jim is receptive and adaptable to peoples learning needs, whatever your learning style is. I had alot of fun learning and going through my IDC with Jim because he helped see that I could learn and have a great time. I was very grateful to have had the privilege of learning with Jim because when I hit the professional world of real life teaching  I felt confident and prepared for the many diffrent situation's that teaching Scuba Diving can throw at you.

Thank you Jim for being so awesome. 

Kale Wilson Beaudry

PADI Instructor, Vancouver Diving Locker

When I look back at my experience with Sir Hutchinson and the Instructor Development Course, there's a couple words that come to mind.  Those being 'professional,' and 'fun.'

As a Course Director, Jim and my instructor Matthew Atkins, were able to effectively engage us as teachers and drill all the IDC information into our malleable brains.  Keeping in mind that they only had two weeks in order to do so, they were able to successfully keep the energy and excitement up while professionally instructing professionals-to-be.  I think it's a great reflection of their enjoyment in watching the growth from students turning into leaders.

I know based on my own experience as an instructor that they did a damn good job of preparing me as best they could, and I would vouch for the both of them in an instant. 

Julie Hall

PADI MSDT, Cozumel.

I had the pleasure of completing my IDC and IE with PADI Course Director Jim Hutchinson in January, 2013.  Even though I will admit that it was a grueling experience (as it well should be), I can't say enough about how professional and knowledgeable Jim was throughout the entire process.  He has the experience and ability to teach you what you need to know to be successful in the IE, but more importantly, he teaches you how to be a good instructor and prepares you for real life as a dive professional.  He incorporates his working knowledge of the dive industry and balances it with his great sense of humor which makes learning enjoyable.  He demands excellence from his candidates, but gives them the ability to find their own way through obstacles they may encounter while at the same time giving them the guidance they need to master the many skills needed to become a PADI instructor.  In all honesty, my class was so well prepared for the Instructor Exam, it was a piece of cake compared to our course work!  The entire class passed the IE and within a month, I had landed my dream job working for a prominent dive shop on Cozumel. I don't hesitate to highly recommend doing your IDC with Jim Hutchinson. He is a fabulous Course Director 

Tracy Vercher


I just wanted to say something about my PADI-IDC and IE.  It was a challenge.  I took this with a friend in Cozumel, Jim Hutchinson was the Course Director and it was great.  The level of patience Jim and the IDC Staff Instructor showed was amazing.  No matter who in the class had a problem, I felt like he didn’t single anyone out and I felt pretty stupid quite often.  I’ve been diving since the ‘70’s and never thought I’d want to become an Instructor but Jim made it possible. 

Training in a resort area is the best and doing it with someone with the depth of experience that was evident in this Course Director made it even better.  Jim was available anytime during the day and even some evenings to ensure that we understood the concepts and procedures of becoming a PADI Instructor.  We were all totally prepared for the IE.  I happened to finish the IE a bit earlier than one or two others and when I exited the room and found Jim outside, he was more nervous and concerned for his students than we were for ourselves.  He really took ownership of our training and gave us 100%.

It was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I highly recommend Jim as a Course Director for anyone interested in training that will exceed the standard IDC/IE expectations.  Go for it.  I did and my job in the dive industry is great.  Good luck!!! 

Ash Anthony

PADI Instructor.

When I decided to make diving and integral part of my life I began to search for a dive shop and more importantly a Course Director to mentor and guide me in to this new and exciting carrier.  After a wide search I discovered a man who greatly changed my life and who is still a huge source of inspiration to me.  This man was Jim Hutchinson. 

Being heavily dyslexic I have always struggled academically; learning new ideas and concepts has always taken me longer to master, making me a challenging student to say the least.  This, however, did not faze Jim in the slightest; in fact he relished the challenge and offered me support above and beyond the call of duty.  Jim sacrificed his own time outside of class to train and help me learn for my IE.  He was able to relate complex ideas in physics and biology to real world examples that enhanced and improved my understanding of the subject matter to a very high level. 

He is still my diving role model and the standard by which I measure my own diving ability.  I feel deeply privileged to count Jim as a mentor, teacher, role model and friend; there is no one I would rather learn from, dive with or work with than Jim Hutchinson.

If I was ever to recommend a CD for a new professional or IDC candidate, it would be Jim.  He is an inspirational teacher who takes pride in what he does and is dedicated not just to training divers but to training outstanding divers.